Fixed-Benefit Medical

Affordable access to health care with set, first-dollar benefits

Time to rethink health insurance

National General Fixed-Benefit Medical

Whether it’s a sore throat that just won’t go away or a broken bone from a fall, unexpected medical situations can really disrupt your life. And unexpected medical bills can disrupt your finances. Everybody needs a little help paying for health care now and then.

Try Fixed-Benefit Medical

Our plan gives you a more affordable and predictable way to get the health care you need. By paying set dollar amounts for covered services, fixed-benefit medical plans help you get the care you need, and help you pay for it. Any costs that exceed the benefit amount are your responsibility.

Fixed-Benefit Medical provides:

Discounts on covered health care services when you visit network providers.

Affordable access to health care with easy-to-use benefits.

Set dollar benefits for covered services. You’ll know up front exactly what the plan will pay. You’re responsible for any remaining balance above the benefit amount.

First-dollar benefits with no deductible or copay to satisfy

Access to telemedicine services, a prescriptions savings card, and discounts on everyday services with a L.I.F.E. Association Membership.

Using Fixed-Benefit Medical Is Easy

Present your insurance card to the person checking you in. Your health care provider will let us know which health care services you received. There’s no need to submit any claim forms.

These plans give you access to the First Health® network – a network of health care providers who’ve agreed to give you significant discounts on health care services. Visit providers in the network to save more on health care.

After the network discount and plan benefits reduce your bill, you’ll be responsible for any amount above the benefit amount.

For more information about how fixed-benefit medical can work for you, contact a National General Accident & Health agent today.

THESE PLANS PROVIDE LIMITED BENEFITS. National General Foundation Health, National General Foundation Health Enhanced, and National General Access plans are fixed-indemnity insurance plans that pay limited benefits. National General Foundation Health, National General Foundation Health Enhanced, and National General Access plans do not constitute comprehensive health insurance coverage (often referred to as major medical coverage) and do not satisfy the requirement of minimum essential coverage under the Affordable Care Act.
¹L.I.F.E. Association not available in Iowa and Wisconsin.

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